“Triad Consulting takes your brand and puts it in the spotlight, sharing your nutrition and health messages to your target audience.” Troy De Smet: President Freekeh Foods

Nutrition and Health Communications Consulting:

Kathy and Tracee work with food companies and commodity boards as nutrition and health communication consultants.  Kathy, Tracee and their team will develop, communicate and promote the current food trends, science, and nutritional and health benefits about your products to your target audience.  As leaders in the health and wellness field they have established a strong presence among registered dietitians and other health professionals who will help share your messages.

Social Media Consulting:

As Nutrition and Health Communication Experts, Triad to Wellness Consulting provides an interactive platform to engage and educate your target audience.  They increase brand awareness and create validation for your company as opinion leaders in the field of wellness and health.  They understand the dynamics of social media and know how to engage, listen and communicate your nutrition and health messages to help achieve your goals.  Their team will communicate current food trends, science, and nutritional benefits about your products to your target audience.

Triad to Wellness Consulting can manage and/or support your Social Media platforms by sharing your important health messages.  They will engage and interact with your target audience to establish increased brand awareness.  The real-time interaction of social media allows us to engage your target audience and ask valuable marketing question for immediate product feedback.  Triad to Wellness connects you with your audience and creates transparency for your company to help build strong customer relations.

Outreach Programs for Health Food Brands to consumers and health professionals:

Kathy, Tracee and their team will create, deliver, and promote health messages to consumers and other health professionals through social media and conferences. They will create brand awareness, educate and support your products from a registered dietitian’s voice, the third party influencer.  Kathy, Tracee and their team will promote and “talk” about your products while providing services to fit your brand including hashtag campaigns, surveys, giveaways and Twitter parties.

Recipe Development:

Kathy and Tracee are passionate about sharing nourishing delicious dishes.  As Registered Dietitians with culinary backgrounds, they will create simple, tasty and healthy recipes to be enjoyed by all palates.  They will share their ideas for your products through your blog and on social media.  Their enthusiasm is displayed in all of  their creations.  Kathy and Tracee will provide your company with a recipe, photo, nutrient analysis and social media promotion.

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