Because you’ve got a trusted brand and we’ve got an educated voice.

Triad to Wellness Consulting is a health marketing and communications company specializing in promoting wellness products. We provide creative content, education and brand awareness strategies for health food companies and food commodity boards so you can focus on your product and we can promote its health.

Triad to Wellness Consulting is founded and managed by nationally renowned, registered dietitian nutritionists and healthy living experts, Kathy Siegel, MS, RDN, CDN and Tracee Yablon Brenner, RD, CHHC. Triad to Wellness Consulting specializes in promoting wellness products – providing brand awareness strategies, creative content, and education for health brands and food commodity boards.

Kathy and Tracee have over 25 years experience working in the food and wellness industry as health professionals, culinary nutritionists, wellness event planners, media dietitians and marketing communication strategists. Kathy and Tracee collaborate with like-minded health brands and food commodity boards who offer products they enjoy themselves and happily share with others.

Kathy, Tracee, and their team at Triad to Wellness are industry trend setters who are passionate about promoting brands that allow their followers to embrace a healthy lifestyle. We are your third party influencers who join your team!

At Triad to Wellness Consulting, we understand the dynamics of health marketing and communications. We connect you to highly respected health influencers and foodservice establishments, creating brand promotion, enthusiasm, and product demand.

We engage and listen to you so that we can effectively market and communicate your important health messages and valuable stories to your target audiences. As forward thinkers, our team communicates the current food trends, science, and health benefits about your products to achieve your goals.

As leaders in the food and wellness industry, we have established a strong relationship with foodservice establishments and health influencers who will help share your important health messages. 

Partner With Us

Marketing Communications Services include:

Strategic outreach programs to health professionals and health influencer

Social media marketing and third party influencer support

Creative content development for social and traditional media

Content-driven, education-based communications consulting

Original recipe development with nutritional analysis, and promotion

Product development consulting

New product launch consulting

Strategic planning to improve market penetration.

Media events to endorse and promote your products



Brands We Work With

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