Triad to Wellness is a lifestyle brand by registered dietitian nutritionist and health expert Kathy Siegel. Kathy is dedicated to inspiring you to be at your #besthealth by:

Eating well, Moving more, and Living Better.

Kathy’s core philosophy at Triad to Wellness centers around a wellness-promoting and holistic approach. Kathy’s focus includes enjoying nutrient-dense whole foods that are delicious and satisfying , incorporating movement that encourages strength and flexibility, and supporting a healthy body and mind to all together create optimal wellness. Kathy practices an integrative approach of Western medicine + alternative medicine to provide techniques that encourage better health and prevention. Kathy’s Triad to Wellness lifestyle is built on a lot of science-based research and a lot of passion!

Join the Triad to Wellness Community to be at your #besthealth!

Eat Well

It’s about what you add to the recipes you enjoy, not what you take away! We show you how to create nutrient dense dishes that are delicious, too!

Move More

Moving your body is more than heading to the gym 3 times per week. We help you create activities that promote exercise and a lot of fun!

Live Better

Your health is affected by the environment that surrounds you. We provide the tips to live a more joyful, healthy life.

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