Versatility of sorghum in salads & other possibilities

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Sorghum WG Kale Salad

Kale & Sorghum Salad made with Wondergrain Whole Grain Sorghum


As registered dietitian nutritionists we were excited when we discovered gluten free sorghum. It is quite versatile in cooking and has an impressive nutritional profile. Many people today are more conscious about eating plant-based foods and incorporating meatless days into they’re weekly eating plan.

Whole grain sorghum offers 5g protein and 5g fiber per serving and has a neutral taste, absorbing the flavors in you’re cooking. Sorghum is a favorite even with the pickiest of eaters due to its tender bite and soft texture. Wondergrain offers whole grain & pearled sorghum. Their website has many delicious Wondergrain recipes.

With salad season upon us, most look for ways to increase the nutritional value of a salad for a complete meal on a hot summer day. Kale, Arugula and Caesar salads are a few of our favorites. Add a cup or two of whole grain sorghum for a nutrition boost. Whole grain sorghum adds texture and added protein and fiber to any salad perfect for people eating gluten free. We prepare our own salad dressings using a dash of sorghum syrup, which adds a slight sweet molasses flavor without empty calories. Sorghum syrup contains iron, calcium, protein, magnesium, potassium and zinc. 

Cook once, eat twice – make a double batch of sorghum and freeze it for future meals or refrigerate the sorghum to use for the following day for lunch. Sorghum never gets soggy and can last for multiple days already prepped in the refrigerator. Add your favorite milk, seasonal berries, cinnamon, nuts and seeds, and you have a delicious breakfast bowl.

Be creative with gluten free sorghum! For recipe ideas check out



Disclosure: We are helping to spread the word about sorghum with our client sorghum checkoff as well as Wondergrain gluten-free sorghum.


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