Sorghum The Hot New Gluten Free Grain

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sorghum whole grain

You might ask,  “What’s sorghum?” Well, it is a gluten free, ancient grain that originates in Africa, and is naturally non-transgenic – making it non-GMO. Sorghum boasts a neutral taste, it absorbs the flavors it is combined with, and makes it perfect to use in place of rice, quinoa or pasta. Sorghum is very appealing to kids and the bonus it is gluten free.

Sorghum is an easy crop to grow – needing little water and can grow in abundance in dry conditions. It also grows well in flooded conditions. These effortless growing conditions are some reasons why we are seeing more sorghum products in more stores and readily in the marketplace.  Whole grain sorghum is nourishing to add to other gluten free products to boost the nutritional value and add texture to foods.

Our group was recently at Expo West, a natural products food show in Anaheim California, where we were thrilled to see a plethora of products with sorghum!

There were many innovative products with ancient grain sorghum, on the links below our group selected a few gluten-free products to look for on your local grocery store shelves as well as on-line on:  Amazon, Abe’s Market, and VitaCost.

Wondergrain gluten free sorghum in pearled and whole grain. Cook time for Pearled Wondergrain is about 35 minutes and Whole-Grain Wondergrain is about 45-50 minutes.

Nu Life Market has a variety of gluten free flours, black milled sorghum bran & sumac milled sorghum bran, and pizza crust flour, as well as whole grain & pearled sorghum.

Bobs Red Mill has a whole grain sorghum as well as sweet white sorghum flour:

Cook Simple Meals Side Dishes  features a Sorghum Pilaf with apples and Ancient Grain Salad with sorghum, quinoa & chickpeas

Kind Bar has a popped granola bar, featuring popped sorghum.

PopCorners “The new shape of popcorn” Popped sorghum in sweet cinnamon, Memphis barbeque, twisted salt, & Wisconsin cheddar.

Pamelas Products has a few products with sorghum a gluten free, dairy free baking mix, a gluten free, dairy free pancake & waffle mix and mini graham cracker cookies made with sorghum flour.

Smart Flour Foods flour blend includes sorghum. They have a delicious vegan, gluten free pizza crust, an assortment of pizzas, hamburger buns, and pancake and waffle mix.

 My Mini Pops is a crunch popped sorghum is great for on the go snacks.

Enjoy Life  has a gluten-free sorghum cereals: Crunchy Flax and Crunchy flax with chia.

Kellogg’s just launched a gluten-free Special K touch of brown sugar with sorghum.

Launching soon are a few products below. 

Snikidy Snacks has a new SmashPop, a chip that gets its flavor from a mashup of popped sorghum, popped corn, whole grains & veggies for a outrageous crunch & delicious taste. Flavors are White Cheddar, Sweet & Salty and Sea Salt.

Cheerios will be launching a gluten-free cheerio made with sorghum

Delta BioRenewables sweet sorghum syrup is sweet with molasses undertones. Sorghum syrup has a good source of manganese, vitamin B-6 potassium. It’s a nice change from maple syrup.

Gluten-free products can taste delicious and can be nutritious. Whole grain sorghum has 5 grams of fiber & 4 grams of protein per serving which makes it a very nourishing ancient grain to incorporate into you’re shopping cart and you’re cooking routine. Let us know how you are enjoying these sorghum products.


Disclosure: We are helping to spread the word about sorghum with our client sorghum checkoff. Wondergrain gluten-free sorghum and Cook Simple Meals are  also our client.  




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