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Sorghum has recently been making its mark on the nutrition world and for good reason. Sorghum is the smart choice! It’s commonly eaten with the hull (the outer layer of the grain), which retains the majority of the nutrients, making sorghum a nutrient-dense food. Plus, sorghum is non-GMO. The taste of sorghum is neutral, allowing it to absorb the flavors and spices within your recipe, which makes it the perfect versatile option to pair with almost anything you enjoy. Due to it’s high nutrient content and gluten-free properties, sorghum is also being added to many prepared and packaged foods. Lastly, sorghum is water efficient and eco-friendly!

There are two types of sorghum grain primarily enjoyed in the U.S.— whole grain sorghum and white pearled sorghum. Each type boasts its own nutrition content and is gluten-free. Whole grain sorghum is naturally high in fiber, iron and protein as well as rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Whole grain sorghum contains approximately 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per 3/4 cup serving (cooked). White pearled sorghum has been through a milling process to remove the pericarp. It varies from whole grain sorghum in the fact that there are approximately 2 grams protein and 4 grams fiber per 3/4 cup serving (cooked).

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Not only is sorghum a nutritionally dense grain, it is also extremely versatile in the kitchen! You can substitute whole grain sorghum for brown rice or other whole grains, or white pearled sorghum for white rice or pasta. Both can be added to salads, soups, stews, breakfast cereal and porridge. In addition, grain sorghum can be ground into flour for baking. It is an ideal, gluten-free option for baked food products including breads, muffins, cookies and more. Sorghum’s neutral, sometimes sweet flavor makes it easily adaptable in a variety of dishes.

Great news! Sorghum can be an answer globally to our limited water resources. Sorghum can use up to one-third less water than comparable crops and can grow efficiently in drought and flooded conditions.

What are our favorite things about sorghum? Sorghum is Nutritious, Versatile and Sustainable! For example, did you know that you can pop whole grain sorghum just like corn? Find out more about sorghum through the Sorghum Checkoff website and follow Taste Sorghum on social media — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram!


Triad to Wellness has provided nutrition communication services and developed this recipe and post for The Sorghum Checkoff.   However, all opinions are our own.

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